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  • Projects

    Campus Vehicular Test-Bed

    Participating in the development of vehicle to vehicle wireless communication to facilitate relaying of traffic data, emissions, and other data used for accident prevention and anticipation of driver’s actions. Developed a UDP server in C++ for data streaming, and a Web client in Perl to interact with the vehicles.

    Work was done in cooperation with the UCLA Network Research Lab.

    Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital Direct Access Testing

    Developed a Java based interface for medical staff to capture laboratory lab results from medical instruments through a serial port, upload the data to a Web server over the Internet, and enable physicians to view the test results through a Browser.

    Work was done in a small development team working closely with medical staff from Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital

    Bootstrapping of Peer-to-Peer Networks Using IRC

    Utilizing existing IRC networks, we wrote a deterministic algorithm to encode usernames with IP and port information so clients can find and connect to an existing peer-to-peer network. The algorithm also chooses the correct channels to join based on the day of the year.

    This was an undergraduate research project in collaboration with the UCLA Network Research Lab. is a social networking webiste that allows users to register and share their travel experience with users all over the world. The website utilizes PHP and a MySQL database to store user and city information. Users can say where they have been and post stories, all of which will show up on a global map using the Google Maps API to display pins for each location and story.

    The project was created with a small development team.

    E-Prescribing for Blackberry(r) Phones

    E-Prescribing allows doctors to log in and fill out prescriptions over their phones. Doctors are given unique usernames and passwords to personalize their orders. Doctors can also query for refill requests which they can approve or deny. The application is developed using Blackberry’s Java API and J2ME. The server is programmed using Perl and utilizes an Oracle database.

    Work was done in a small development team.